Why Mercury
Over 25 years of principal investing and CEO experience dedicated to the lower middle-market.

Respectful of Founder Legacy and Vision

The core tenet of Mercury’s approach is to provide a seamless and thoughtful ownership transition for founder-owned companies.  As the new owner of a business, Mr. de Koning views his mandate to be preservation of a company’s most critical assets: its culture, values and relationships.

A Dedicated, Long-term Owner

Mercury Partners will own and operate acquired companies indefinitely. The investment firm is not backed by institutional investors, and is not bound by restrictive partnership agreements or other structural limitations that require a sale of the business in a set timeframe.


For over 25 years, Mr. de Koning has been successfully investing in and running companies similar to those Mercury is focused on acquiring.

Operationally Focused

Mercury Partners will assume day-to-day management and operating responsibility for the company, drawing on operating and investing experience with lower middle-market businesses to accelerate growth and create value for the company’s employees and key stakeholders.

Able to purchase companies in transition

Mercury Partners will consider investing in special situations, e.g., operational turnarounds, investments that result in a recapitalization, and financial restructurings.

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