Acquire and Operate
Over 25 years of principal investing and CEO experience dedicated to the lower middle-market.

There are over 225,000 businesses in America with between $10 to $50 million in annual sales.  A large portion of these companies are owned by their founders, possibly baby boomers, who will either pass these assets on to their children or sell.  Owners who sell will look to competitors, private equity funds, their employees, or an investor. Mercury Partners is a long-term investor and operator who will protect the founder’s legacy and build on the company’s success by preserving the brand and culture of the business while working to accelerate growth and optimize operations.

After acquiring a business, Mercury will work to accelerate value creation by leveraging its experience investing in and managing lower middle-market businesses, as well as working with its broad network of advisors and industry leaders.  Specifically, Mercury will work to optimize company strategy and execution across key functional areas including:

  • Product and Service Development
  • Marketing
  • Sales Management / Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Operations
  • Customer Support
  • Information Technology
  • Human Capital / Resources
  • Financial Management and Reporting

Mercury offers a broad range of strategic skills which will provide incremental benefits to the acquired business post-close.

  • Ability to identify, structure and execute add-on acquisitions
  • Experience in recruiting additional management talent and independent board members
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Access to additional third-party capital to support key strategic initiatives

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